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Belt Manufacturer Optibelt
OEM SQ52-2188-C, TR52-2185-C
Year of release 2020, 2019
Engines 800cc, 800сс, 650cc, 850cc
Analogs -
Spare part No. 11134, 11124
Size 33x971

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Optibelt developed the 11134 CVT belt and it successfully passed sea and bench tests.

Separately, I would like to pay attention to the dimensions of the belt 11134 - 33x971mm. Analogues of the main competitors Gates 30C3750 and Ultimax UA446 are longer and more expensive (33x981mm and 33x975mm respectively). After installation and running-in, they cling to the variator cover, making extraneous and unpleasant sounds. This also has a negative effect on overcoming obstacles and patency.

Optibelt 11134 Terminator belts operate at temperatures from -50 to +120 degrees and last several times longer than the original belts, thanks to the unique rubber composition and Aramid cord.

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